Back Story

While I was too young to see the first Star Wars (A New Hope) movie when it was first released in the theaters, I absolutely remember seeing the opening of The Empire Strikes Back on the big screen. Now considered a ‘space opera’ or ‘space western’, the original captivated me at a very young age. I remember the amazing characters, locations, and especially the spacecraft.

When this studio-scale partwork of the infamous Millennium Falcon was first available in the US from Model Space (DeAgostini), I was not in a place where I could afford it. However, the ‘bucket of bolts’ has now returned via Fanhome and I was not going to miss it this time!

The Model

“This detailed build-up model is an official replica of the physical prop used for filming, reproduced to the same scale and with highly accurate exterior details. Thanks to its metal and ABD parts, the model is suitable for both beginner and expert modelers and offers a superb degree of realism.

Several models of the Millennium Falcon were used to make the original Star Wars trilogy –  but the most iconic was built for the action sequences in the second movie, The Empire Strikes Back. Your model is an authentic, official movie-accurate replica, built to the same scale, with all the external details as seen on screen.

High quality metal and ABS parts give this easy-to-build replica a high degree of realism as well as customizable qualities. Pre-painted parts give the model ship an authentic look and fully functional electronics complete a must-have model for all Star Wars fans.”

Order your own studio-scale Millennium Falcon by visiting these sites:

Fanhome UK | Fanhome US

  • Length: 31.8 inches (80.8 cm)
  • Width: 23.5 inches (59.6 cm)
  • Height: 7.6 inches (19.2 cm)
  • Weight: ~24 lbs. (~11 kg)
  • Materials: Die-cast Metal and ABS Plastic

  • 1:1 scale Replica of the Screen-Used Miniature
  • Faithful, Detailed Reproduction
  • Illuminated Thrusters, Cockpit and Lights
  • Articulating Parts
  • Powered by six AA batteries or 9V adaptor (not included)

Early Subscriber Gift

For a limited-time, early subscribers will receive an exclusive Millennium Falcon T-shirt with the 10th package:

PayPal Subscribers

For those subscribers who use PayPal as their payment method will receive an exclusive Millennium Falcon Backpack with the 12th package:

Subscription Gifts

During the subscription, four FREE gifts will be included. At the time of this writing, these include the first magazine Binder, a Cap, a Mug, and a Die-cast Mini. Additional binders will arrive with packages 5, 9, 13, and 17 at an additional cost of $8.99 (£7.99):

Tabletop Stand & Display Mount

An optional premium subscription is available for $1.75 ( £1.50) more per stage that includes a Tabletop Stand and Display Mount for your complete Millennium Falcon model:

Order your own studio-scale Millennium Falcon by visiting these sites:

Fanhome UK | Fanhome US