This is just a page to group the stages by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Issue 01 – Hull Plating/Frames, Cockpit Base/Bulkhead, Rear Cockpit Instrument Panel, Laser Cannon Barrels/Mounting Plates/Yoke
  • Issue 02 – Hull Frames, Quad Laser Turret, Control Console, Instrument Panel, Hologame Table/Game Board, Connectors
  • Issue 03 – Hull Plating, Cockpit Door/Panel, Control Yokes, Throttle Levers, Pilots’ Seats, Passenger Seats
  • Issue 04 – Hull Frames, Cockpit Console Front Panel, Connectors
  • Issue 05 – Cockpit Bulkhead Lighting Panel, Left/Right Instrument Panels, Passage Tube Upper/Lower Sections
  • Issue 06 – Cockpit Instrument Panels/Displays, Control Levers, Cockpit Link Ring/Shells, Lounge Seating Support, Plant-On Details
  • Issue 07 – Main Hold Floor, Lounge Seat Frame, Bunk Frame/Base/Top, Seat and Bunk Cushions
  • Issue 08 – Technical Station Console, Light Fitting, Hold Alcove End Panel, Hold Starboard Wall, Fittings, Cushion and Hold Details
  • Issue 09 – Hull Plating/Frame, Battery Box, Wiring Connector, Hold Door Pads/Liners, Hold Alcove Back Panel
  • Issue 10 – Hull Plating/Frames, Hold Forward Wall, Connector, Radial Stiffening Rib