ISSUES 11-20

This is just a page to group the stages by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Issue 11 – Hull Plating/Frame, Hold Rear Wall, Radial Stiffening Ribs, Rib Connector
  • Issue 12 – Hull Plating/Frames, Main Hold Pipe Support, Connectors
  • Issue 13 – Hull Plating/Frame, Main Hold Pipes, Floor-Level Pipes, Frame Members, Fixing Studs
  • Issue 14 – Hull Plating/Frame, Hold Port Wall, Circuitry Bay Door Lining, Hold Door Pads/Liners, Radial Stiffening Rib
  • Issue 15 – Hull Plating/Frame, Radial Stiffening Rib, Rib Connector, Cushion Pads, Corridor Arches
  • Issue 16 – Hull Plating/Frame, Starboard Connector Floor/Base
  • Issue 17 – Hull Plating/Frame, Starboard Corridor Top/End Ring/Cushion Pads, Connector
  • Issue 18 – Hull Frame, Corridor Arches, Cushion Pads, Assembly Jig, Connector
  • Issue 19 – Port Hull Recess, Reinforcing Beams, Plant-On Details, Corridor Arch, Cushion Pads, Passage Tube Floor/Base
  • Issue 20 – Hull Frames, Non-Slip Pads, Assembly Jig, Connectors, Corridor Liners, Cushion Pads