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“This issue includes the final wall for the hold, plus more parts for the bottom of the hull, which you will be assembling at a later stage. First, it’s time to complete the hold, after adding details to the port wall.




Materials: The Hull Frame and Radial Stiffening Rib are metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.

Screws: I have designated the screws supplied in this issue as follows. See my Screws page for more details:

  • Parts #7 = Type M for Main Hold
  • Parts #8 = Type F for Frames
  • Parts #9 = Type H for Hull Plating


  • Starship Fact File – Customized Smuggling Vessel: Upgrades and Modifications
  • Secrets of Spaceflight – The Falcon’s Add-on Circuitry Bay
  • Build the Falcon – Assembly Steps


NOTE: The Hull Frames, Rib, and Hull Plating will not be needed in these assembly steps. Store them safely until we need them in a later issue.

Lining the Door Fittings

As with the first Hold Door, I decided to airbrush both of these Hold Door Liners with Tamiya XF-69 NATO Black. However, to be different than our existing starboard doorway, I did not apply any Tamiya Weathering Powder F – Titanium to this one:

Since I had the airbrush out, I also airbrushed the three Corridor Arches from the next issue with the same color:

Next, I hand-painted the ‘pads’ of the Circuitry Bay Door Lining with Vallejo Model Air 71.270 Off-White acrylic paint as these pads should very closely match the Hold Door pads and this color seemed appropriate:

Then, I found that the Main Hold Upper/Lower Pipes we installed in the previous stage are not easy to get aligned when we go to install the Hold Port Wall. Therefore, I pulled them from the Hold assembly and super glued them to the matching circular raised details of the Hold Port Wall, as shown:

Finally, I again used my Vallejo Game Wash 72.301 – Black to dirty up our Hold Port Wall, especially around the pipes and openings:

Step 01-02

Test-fit, then super glue, the Circuitry Bay Door Lining inside the matching opening of the Hold Port Wall, as shown.

The molding marks on the Door Lining should face in towards the wall. You may notice the extra discoloration I added to this Lining – For this, I used Vallejo Game Wash 73.200 Sepia to give it a warmer tone to the pattern:

Step 03-04

Test-fit, then super glue, the Hold Door Liner (Outer) into the matching opening of the Hold Port Wall, as shown:

Step 05

Carefully cut and prepare the eighteen (18) Hold Door Pads from the sprue.

If you want to see how I cut and sand plastic parts from sprues, check out Issue 07:

Step 06

Test fit, then super glue, the grooves of each Door Pad to the matching recesses around the inner rim of the Hold Door Liner (Inner).

This is the same process we followed back in Issue 10 to assemble the starboard Hold Door Liner:

Step 07

Test-fit, then super glue, this Hold Door Liner (Inner) assembly inside the Hold Door Liner (Outer), centering it in the wall as shown:

After I installed my Liner (Inner), I went over this wall assembly with my Vallejo Game Wash 73.201 Black to give the appearance of dirt and oil streaks based on the position of the openings in the Liners. I dirtied up the Door Pads a bit more as well:

Fitting the Port Wall

Step 01

Retrieve your Main Hold assembly from the previous issue. Prepare to fit the dovetail tabs of the Hold Port Wall down into the matching slots at this location of the Main Hold Floor:

Steps 02-03

As you place the Port Wall, fit the free ends of the two large Main Hold Pipes over these matching raised circle details, as shown:

Step 04

Secure this Port Wall to the Hold Rear Wall with two (2) Type M screws. This will capture the Main Hold Pipes in place:

Step 05

Finally, secure the Port Wall to the Hold Forward Wall with two (2) more Type M screws:

With that, our Main Hold assembly is now complete!


I love how this Main Hold has turned out! I wish there was a bit more detail along the Hold Port Wall, but I also have a feeling it will not be easily visible once we place this assembly inside the Falcon and enclose the Hull over it. However, I have been thinking about buying a few ‘Falcon-themed’ 3D-printed barrels, crates, and boxes from Shapeways to spruce up our Hold – what do you think?

Next Up

 Issue 15 – Hull Plating/Frame, Radial Stiffening Rib, Rib Connector, Cushion Pads, Corridor Arches

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  1. I always enjoy looking for tiny bits that look like items that would be found in a space freighter’s hold. I am always looking for tiny old electronic parts, bits of old pens, etc.

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