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“This issue includes the starboard corridor from the main hold, for which you received three padded arches with your last set of parts. You also have another frame and section of plating for the bottom of the hull.




Materials: The Hull Frame is metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.

Screws: I have designated the screws supplied in this issue as follows. See my Screws page for more details:

  • Parts #4 = Type F for Frames
  • Parts #5 = Type C for Corridors


  • Starship Fact File – The Legendary Millennium Falcon: Lando Calrissian’s Modifications
  • Secrets of Spaceflight – The Falcon’s Layout
  • Build the Falcon – Assembly Steps


Assembling the Corridor Arches

Retrieve your three Cushion Pads sprues and three Corridor Arches from the previous issue. Remove the Pads from the sprues, then secure them to the Arches in the same way as the Hold Door Liner from Issue 10.

Take care not to lose any of these Pads, there are no spares provided:

Assembling the Corridor

Step 01

Fit the six posts on the bottom of the Starboard Corridor Floor into the matching posts of the Starboard Corridor Base, as shown:

Steps 02-04

Check the alignment of the parts, then secure the Floor to the Base from below with six (6) Type C screws:

Steps 05-06

Fit the lower dovetail tabs of a Corridor Arch assembly into these matching holes of the Corridor Floor, as shown.

I feel like the top pin of these Arches (which is off-center) is important to fitting the top of the Corridor we have not yet received. Therefore, I did not glue these Arches in place, they are just press-fitted for now and we can reverse them if needed:

Steps 07-08

Fit the lower dovetail tabs of the remaining two Corridor Arch assemblies into these next matching holes of the Corridor Floor:

Extending the Frame

NOTE: Once this Hull Frame BF-19 is installed, it will only be held in place with two screws. It is important to protect the entire Frame structure during storage until the next Hull Frame is installed two issues from now. You may want to wait to install this Hull Frame until then.

Step 01

Retrieve your lower Hull Frame assembly from previous issue and turn it upside down so the part number markings are facing up. Align Hull Frame BF-19 under the outer Radial Rib next to Hull Frame BF-16, as shown.

Since this assembly does not lay flat, we need to take special care not to put any undue force on it. As you fit the Hull Plating in these steps, I recommend picking the assembly up and doing it away from your work surface. I fitted the existing Hull Plating to this Frame before attaching it to the Rib – it helped to line everything up:

Steps 02-03

Secure the Radial Rib to the Hull Frame BF-19 with two (2) Type F screws.

TIP: To prevent stressing any part of this frame, I recommend only holding the assembly down near the screw you are tightening. Other parts of the assembly may lift off your work surface as you go. This is normal, as we are slowly creating the bottom ‘dome’ shape of our Millennium Falcon!

How the Hull Plating Fits

NOTE: This section is optional as these Hull Plating parts will not be secured into place until later on in the build.

Step 01

Retrieve your lower Hull Frame assembly from previous issue and reinstall all of the previous Hull Plating panels:

On my model, I never removed them from the previous issues.

Step 02

Loosely press the posts of Hull Plating BP-5 into the matching holes at this location, as shown.

Since there are Hull Frames missing from under this Plating panel, it will not fit snug just yet. You may find that some Hull Frame holes don’t quite line up to the Hull Plating posts. This is because the posts are angled to fit the final position of the Plating. If needed, you can gently bend the Frames a bit to pop them onto the posts:

Here is what our bottom Hull assembly should look like so far. It is growing fast!


I am going to have to find a whole new storage area to keep this Hull assembly safe between parts shipments, it is enormous and fantastic! I am curious to see how much more detail we will be adding to this Corridor, but it has started out quite nicely. I have seen other builders use small round makeup mirrors at the ends of the Corridors to make them appear to continue on – perhaps that will work on our model as well.

Next Up

 Issue 17 – Hull Plating/Frame, Starboard Corridor Top/End Ring/Cushion Panels, Connector

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