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“Continue assembling the passage tube by lining the rear side of the base with padded cushions, which are provided on a sprue, as before.




Materials: The Hull Frame and Connectors are metal and the remaining parts are plastic.

Screws: I have designated the screws supplied in this issue as follows. See my Screws page for more details:

  • Parts #5 = Type F for Frames


  • Starship Fact File – Imperial Passenger Transport: Lambda-Class Shuttle
  • Secrets of Spaceflight – The Hanx-Wargel Main Computer
  • Build the Falcon – Assembly Steps


NOTE: The Hull Frame, Connectors, and screws will not be needed in these assembly steps and can safely stored until Issue 24:

Fitting the Cushion Pads

Steps 01-02

Check how the various parts on the supplied Cushion Pads sprue are identified. Remove one Pad at a time as you install them.

For details on how I cut and sand plastic parts from a sprue, check out Issue 07. To identify the different parts on this sprue used in this issue, we will assign them numbers as shown:

Step 03-06

Retrieve your Passage Tube assembly from the previous issue. Test fit and then super glue the tabs of Cushion Pads #1#2, #3, and #4 into the matching slots at these locations on the Passage Tube Base.

To determine the proper orientation of these Pads, test fit them in both directions. For me, the correct position was the one where the Pad is nearly touching the Passage Tube Floor, as shown. If there is a larger gap between the Pad and the Floor, turn the part around. We have done this before, so I combined these steps together:

Step 07

Test fit and glue the tabs of Cushion Pad #5 into the matching slots at this location on the Passage Tube Base.

The top half of these smaller Pads should be above the rear edge of the Tube Base, as shown:

Step 08

Continue to test fit and glue the tabs of Cushion Pads #6, #7, and #8 into the matching slots at this location on the Passage Tube Base:

We should still have four (4) unused Pads on the sprue. Keep these safe as we will need them in the next stage:


I wonder what will be at the round end of this Passage Tube once the model is complete? It obviously will not connect to our Cockpit.

Next Up

 Issue 23 – Hull Frames, Radial Stiffening Rib, Connectors,  Assembly Jig/Pads, Passage Tube Top/End Ring

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