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“Continue assembling the port corridor, then temporarily fit all the corridors to the main hold to see the internal details shown on the blueprint provided with Issue 01.




Materials: The Hull Frame is metal and the remaining parts are plastic.

Screws: I have designated the screws supplied in this issue as follows. See my Screws page for more details:

  • Parts #2 = Type F for Frames


  • Starship Fact File – Firespray Pursuit Special: Jango & Boba Fett’s Starship
  • Secrets of Spaceflight – Astromechs
  • Build the Falcon – Assembly Steps


NOTE: The Hull Frame and Hull Plating in this issue will not be needed in these assembly steps and can safely stored until needed later on:

Assembling the Port Corridor

Step 01

Retrieve your Cushion Pads sprue from the previous issue. Carefully cut the remaining Cushion Pads from the sprue.

For details on how I cut and sand plastic parts from a sprue, check out Issue 07. To identify the different parts on this sprue, we will assign them numbers as shown:

Step 02

Test fit and then super glue the tabs of Cushion Pad #1 into the matching slots at this location on the Port Corridor Top, as shown:

Step 02

Test fit and then super glue the tabs of Cushion Pad #3 into the matching slots at this location on the Port Corridor Top, as shown.

NOTE: I installed these Pads slightly out of order from the magazine instructions in order to better fit the Pads in the next two steps:

Steps 03-04

Test fit and then super glue the tabs of Cushion Pad #2 into the matching slots at this location on the Port Corridor Top.

To get these middle Pads better centered in the Corridor wall, I retrieved my Port Corridor Base assembly from the previous issue and then temporarily fit the parts together and taped them:

With the Corridor assembled, I could make sure this Cushion Pad #2 was nicely centered between the larger upper/lower Pads.

IMPORTANT: I only glued this Pad to the Corridor Base and NOT the Corridor Top. I still wanted to be able to disassemble it for painting:

Step 05

In the same way, fit and super glue the tabs of Cushion Pad #4 into the matching slots at this location on the Port Corridor Top, as shown:

When separated, you can see how these thinner Pads are only attached to the Base section of the Port Corridor at this point:

Steps 06-07

Carefully cut the thirty-six (36) Cushion Pads from the sprue and super glue them to the matching notches inside the Corridor Arch.

This is assembled in the exact same way as the first Corridor Arches back in Issue 16 – check that page for details.

As before, I airbrushed the ring of this Corridor Arch with Tamiya XF-69 NATO Black acrylic paint to add contrast:

Continuing with my dirty, used theme, I went ahead and weathered up the interior of these Port Corridor parts. This was accomplished using Vallejo Game Wash 73.201 Black and, to a lesser extent, Vallejo Game Wash 73.200 Sepia. I used various tools to apply the washes, from paint brushes to cotton balls to toothpicks – this was to give a varied texture to the colors. For the patterns, I just imagined leaking fluids, rusty areas, and where things were touched or damaged:

Steps 08-09

Fit the end tabs of the Corridor Arch into the matching slots at this end of the Port Corridor Base, as shown.

Remember, these Arches are directional. The small locating pin at the top of the ring (circled below) should be closer to the longer side of the Corridor:

Step 10

Fit the Port Corridor Top to the Port Corridor Base, aligning the tabs on the sides and the top hole over the pin of the Arch, as shown.

You can choose to glue these parts together if you want:

Here is my Port Corridor assembly from the other end:

Steps 11-12

Finally, fit the wider end of the Port Corridor End Ring over this end of the Port Corridor to help hold the assembly together:

Assembling (Test Fitting) the Interior

Step 01

Retrieve your Main Hold assembly from Issue 14. Fit this Port Corridor to the matching port opening, as shown.

These connections are simply friction-fit for now so do not glue them in place just yet:

Step 02

Retrieve your Curved/Cockpit Corridor assembly from Issue 17 and your Gun Turret Access assembly from Issue 26. Temporarily fit the Turret Access to the Corridor, as shown:

Step 03

Finally, fit the Curved/Cockpit Corridor assembly to the starboard opening of the Main Hold as shown:


I know our Millennium Falcon interior is not the entire ship, nor is it incredibly accurate, but I love it nonetheless! With a bit of paint and some time, I feel it came out quite nicely. I had a great time making a mess of the parts with weathering and color. Keep this entire assembly safe as it won’t be installed into the hull for a while.

Next Up

 Issue 29 – Hull Frame, Radial Stiffening Rib, Turret Ring

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