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“Extend the hull framework with another complete segment, and add an extra section to the assembly jig to support the growing hull.




Materials: The Hull Frames and Radial Rib are metal and the other parts are plastic.

Screws: I have designated the screws supplied in this issue as follows. See my Screws page for more details:

  • Parts #5 = Type H for Hull Plating
  • Parts #6 = Type F for Frames
  • Parts #7 = Type R for Radial Ribs


  • Starship Fact File – Droid Control Ships: Trade Federation Battleships 1
  • Secrets of Spaceflight – Artificial Gravity Generators
  • Build the Falcon – Assembly Steps


NOTE: The Hull Frame BF-36 and Hull Plating in this issue will not be needed in these assembly steps and can safely stored until needed later on:

Assembling the Bottom Frames

NOTE: I changed the order of these steps from the magazine instructions to make the process a bit smoother.

Step 01

Retrieve your outer Radial Stiffening Rib from the previous issue. Assemble the two sections of the Radial Rib as shown, using the Rib Connector and four (4) Type R screws.

I covered the assembly of these Radial Ribs in detail back in Issue 12 –  they are all built in a similar way:

Step 02

Retrieve your Hull Frame BF-33 from Issue 28. Fit this Frame under the outer end of the Rib assembly, aligning the screw holes as shown.

TIP: I always try to work with the markings of the Hull Frames (in this case BF-33) facing up to make all of my assembly steps consistent.

NOTE: Instead of attaching these Frames to the existing Hull assembly per the magazines, I have found it easier to attach them to the Rib first:

Step 03

Secure the Rib to this Hull Frame with two (2) Type F screws, as shown:

Step 04

Retrieve your Hull Frame BF-34 from the previous issue. Fit this Frame under the middle section of the Rib, aligning the screw holes as shown:

Step 05

Secure the Rib to this Hull Frame with two (2) more Type F screws, as shown:

Step 06

Finally, fit the Hull Frame BF-35 from this issue under the inner end of the Rib, aligning the screw holes as shown:

Step 07

Secure the Rib to this Hull Frame with one (1) more Type F screw, as shown:

Steps 08-09

Retrieve your existing bottom Hull from the previous issue. Fit the new Frame assembly to this end of the skeleton, as shown:

Step 10

Secure the inner Frame to the Turret Ring BF-09 with two (2) Type F screws.

Remember to ensure the pin at the inner end of the new Radial Rib fits into the matching notch under the lip of the Ring:

Step 11

Then, secure these Frames to the previous Radial Rib with five (5) more Type F screws.

TIP: To prevent stressing any part of this frame, I recommend only holding the assembly near the screw you are tightening. Other parts of the assembly may lift off your work surface as you go – this is normal:

Extending the Assembly Jig

Step 01

Stick the Non-Slip Pads into the matching circular recesses of the Assembly Jig, as shown:

Step 02

Fit the dovetail joints of this Assembly Jig to the edge of the Jig from Issue 27, as shown:


We now have nearly three-quarters of our lower Hull Frame assembly completed! It is becoming quite large now.

Next Up

 Issue 31 – Hull Plating/Frames, Assembly Jig/Pads, Radial Stiffening Ribs, Rib Connector

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