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Issue 02

A large section of the top Hull Frames are connected together, we decorate the Hologame Table, and we add an Instrument Display decal to our cockpit Control Console. We also correct the positioning of the window ring in the Quad Laser Turret here in Issue 02!

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3-in-One Oil

If you are building any of the die-cast metal large scale models out there, you are probably familiar with the pain around driving screws into metal parts. In my experience, some of these screws have a tendency to bind up, strip threads, or simply snap off. Not only does it cause frustration, but it could cause a long delay in your build waiting for replacement parts.

For a while now, I have read about other builders that were using a little oil on their metal screw threads to help reduce the risk of damage and the effort needed to seat these screws fully. Up until this point, I had taken my time to carefully pre-thread metal screws, but it turns out they were on to something. I recently picked up some 3-in-One Multi-Purpose Oil (from the WD-40 Company) and it has changed everything!

I simply dip the tip of each metal screw into a tiny drop of this stuff and they go right in and without any drama. I should have done this sooner! If putting a little oil on the end of a metal screw is not feasible, you can also use a toothpick or other small tool to apply the oil directly into a screw hole before installing the screw.

To hold the oil, I use this fantastic 4 oz dispenser bottle with a built-in pump and metal lid. I fill it up and pump the lid when I need a little oil to work with. Additionally, it has a nice wide base to reduce the possibility of spills:

I highly recommend grabbing a bottle of this oil (or other similar lubricant). It will surely save you time and headache!


I feel there is no more recognizable spacecraft in the Star Wars universe than the infamous Millennium Falcon! DeAgostini released a studio-scale partwork model of the Falcon via Model Space as far back as 2007, but it became unavailable before I could build it. Now Fanhome is re-releasing the Falcon once again, and this time I will not miss the opportunity to add it to my collection!

This Millennium Falcon partwork build-up is now available for pre-order in the US and UK at the following links: USAUK

Shipping is expected to begin on August 24, 2023!